24-Hour Editing.
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Your poem gets one night with Tell Tell Poetry, and in that one night, we'll make your ex jealous.

  • A title masseuse will go through and massage the best possible title out of your poem.

  • A stanza lover will suggest new stanza breaks to make your poem be the best poem that it ever could be.

  • The voice guide will run through your poem and rub away all the less important words, keeping only the ones that you really freaking need.

  • Style supporters will provide smart style suggestions to make your poem look like it's ready to get married.

  • Poetry leaders will give you constructive criticism that helps you transform into that thing-you-were-actually-trying-to-say thing. Not the other thing. Not that almost thing.

Submit payment today, paste your poem into the form on the right, and wake up with a new poem. Well . . . not a new poem. The same poem, but with some of our love.

Transform your poem from sorta-kinda-okay to what you meant to say with Tell Tell Poetry’s One-Night Poem Session.


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All we need is one night together.

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